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You Want Pavers With That? Getting The Most Out Of Your New Lanai Or Patio

You Want Pavers With That? Getting The Most Out Of Your New Lanai Or Patio Tuesday, August 10, 2021

You Want Pavers With That? Getting The Most Out Of Your New Lanai Or Patio

You Want Pavers With That? Getting The Most Out Of Your New Lanai Or Patio

As outdoor living becomes more of a lifestyle, people install pool decks and patios to extend their homes. In Florida, many property owners choose to add a luxurious lanai to their patio or pool decks to keep the bugs and critters away, protect kids from the pool, and keep the area cleaner from windswept leaves. On top of that, adding custom pavers to your porch or pool deck will make you love your outdoor space even more and give you a better ROI. Pavers can be colored and textured to create the exact design you want to match the rest of your landscape. Common types of pavers include concrete, brick, and natural stone.

At True Aluminum, we help you choose paver materials that complement the exterior of your home. The designs range from formal and contemporary to classic and rustic and can make your porch or pool deck not only functional but stunning as well.

Concrete, Brick, or Natural Stone for Your Patio or Pool Deck

Paver patio under lanai beside lake in Wesley Chapel, FL.

Choosing the right flooring material is important when developing your new patio or pool deck, especially when there will be a lot of foot traffic and extreme weather conditions to withstand. Nothing compares to installing paver flooring if you're looking to add function and timeless beauty to your patio or pool deck.

You'll generally find about three kinds of paving materials that are particularly common for outdoor flooring: concrete pavers, brick pavers, and stone pavers.

  • Concrete Pavers - Concrete pavers are artificial pavers produced from cement that comes in various shapes and colors. You can form concrete pavers in many design styles like borders, patterns, and alternating colors. This is a great choice as a flooring option and can be economical as well. They are also versatile and weather-resistant. Building your pool deck or patio from concrete pavers can create a look that's unique to your outdoor living space.
  • Brick Pavers - Brick pavers are naturally clay-colored pavers used for building hardscapes for centuries. They provide style and originality to drab and plain patios and pool decks. There is a wide range of shapes and colors to choose from, so each layout is a design that will beautifully accentuate your home and landscape. Besides the aesthetic appeal, brick pavers offer other benefits: they are hard-wearing as well as slip- and crack-resistant.
  • Natural Stone Pavers - Natural stone pavers are quarried stones shaped into pavers. Commonly used stone pavers include sandstone, limestone, travertine, and slate. They come in different textures, patterns, hues, and dimensions. Stone pavers bring about natural form and beauty. They are also durable and add style and function to your home and surroundings.

When choosing a patio or pool paver, consider how the color tones and texture can create a cohesive transition in your outdoor design.

Add concrete, brick, or natural stone pavers to your outdoor flooring design. Call us today!

Choosing the right pavers for your patio or pool deck can add the perfect color, pattern, and texture to your outdoor living space. The type of flooring you choose should fit your style and the design of your landscape. Our team can help you choose the best material for your new pool deck or patio, whether that's concrete pavers, brick pavers, or natural stone pavers.

At True Aluminum, we provide paver installation for properties located in central Florida, including Lakeland, Plant City, Wesley Chapel, and more. Our pavers are installed along with a lanai or pool cage so you can enjoy the outdoors with that extra layer of safety and protection from outside elements. Call us today at (863) 804-6021 to schedule a consultation or get an estimate!

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