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One of our team cutting a new screen for a lanai at a home in Wesley Chapel, FL.

Screen Replacement & Rescreen Services in Lakeland, Plant City, Wesley Chapel, & New Tampa, FL

We replace and re-screen screen rooms, lanais, pool areas, and patios in Lakeland and nearby areas.

Damage to screens in Central Florida can be caused by weather, pets, and other factors.

A ripped screen in Plant City needs replacement.

Over time, damage can occur to screen rooms that require professional attention, whether it is inflicted by the weather, pets, or other issues. Our experienced crew can ensure the job is done right with specialized skills developed through many successful screen replacements.

We provide professional screen replacement and re-screening services in Lakeland, Plant City, Wesley Chapel, and nearby central Florida areas.

Replacing screens helps keep out pests and allows you to enjoy your lanai. Call (863) 804-6021 for screen replacements and screen rehabs.

Proper Screen Replacement Should Not Be a DIY Project & Is Best Left to Professionals

There is a term in the contractor world for poor workmanship known as the “homeowner’s special.” Well-meaning homeowners often cut corners and safety is often disregarded. Our crew specializes in proper screen replacement, with quality materials and proven techniques.

If mistakes are made, further damage can occur if the wind is able to penetrate the screened area, which can rip down the metal framing leading to broken windows and property damage.

Screen Rooms Need Replacement or Rescreening for a Variety of Reasons, Including Damage From Sun, Storms, Pets, & Age

This screen in Wesley Chapel was damaged by pets.

Just as with other parts of your home, the structure of your screened areas can begin to degrade. There are a variety of reasons your screen room may need replacement or rescreening, including:

  • Sun Damage
  • High Winds
  • Pet Damage
  • Weight From Leaves & Debris
  • Accidents

Regardless of the reason, our crew is experienced in the screen replacement process. We can fix the issue and work to ensure the new sections match your current structures and screen type.

When built or replaced properly, a screened area can increase the value of a home. But many homeowners aren’t equipped to deal with permitting and visits from inspectors. Our contracting team knows the ins and outs of the business and is ready to do it right.

Our Experts Help Clients Choose the Right Screen Choices for Your Needs

There are plenty of choices when it comes to types of screen materials. Some have a higher density of threads, which are better equipped for blocking bugs—even tiny no-see-ums! Some of the common choices are pet screens, sun screens, and solar screens. Each choice has its own pros and cons, which can be explained by our team during your consultation. All of the screening options we use are made of the highest quality and durability available.

Based on the Condition of Your Screen Room, Rebuilding May Be the Better Option

In many cases, the cost of maintenance and the condition of a client’s screen room may lead to the need for a complete rebuild. Some homeowners find themselves in need of constant ongoing maintenance that could be avoided if they opted for a rebuild.

Safety is always first. Aluminum framing elements can cause injury and property damage during a collapse. Our team will examine your potential aluminum building job to see which option is ideal.

If safe maintenance can be done and the structure is sound, we are glad to do it! But if your screened area is too damaged for a safe fix, your money will be better spent on a full rebuild.

Replacing Screen Room Fasteners Protects Your Investment From Wind Damage

It’s important to note that the wind rating of your screen patio or pool will degrade over time. The fasteners (screws & bolts) that are used can lose strength and rust when exposed to water, salt, and wind. Replacing the fasteners in your screen room periodically is a smart way to preserve the wind rating it had during the original construction and protects your initial investment into the outdoor space.

Call today for a consultation on screen rehab or rescreening for your lanai, screen room, or pool cage.

Call (863) 804-6021 today for a consultation regarding the rehab or replacement of your screen room in Lakeland, Plant City, Wesley Chapel, and the surrounding areas. We are waiting to hear from you!

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