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A custom aluminum lanai installed at a home in Auburndale, Florida.

5-Star Aluminum Services in Auburndale, FL

Aluminum sunrooms, gutter installation, and more in Auburndale, FL and other nearby central Florida areas.

Protect your property with an aluminum carport or expand your living space.

Nestled just in between Winter Haven and Lakeland, Auburndale, FL is a charming small city with a history as a getaway from the chilly winters up north, as well as a home for artists. It’s not far to get to Tampa, which is just 40 minutes southwest and where you can go to find major league baseball, pirate festivals, and more.

True Aluminum serves residential and commercial properties in Auburndale, FL and surrounding areas of central Florida to build sunrooms, carports, and patios, in addition to gutter installation and other aluminum structural projects.

Aluminum structures add to your living space and protect your property.

Central Florida is a wonderful place to live, but it is also home to hot summers and a lot of rain, which means spending time in your outdoor space can potentially be limited.

Aluminum construction is lightweight, affordable, and can blend in with your building’s aesthetic.

True Aluminum knows what it takes to build an aluminum structure that’s going to last and look good without an industrial feel. Some of the most common aluminum construction projects that we offer include:


Sunroom with glass doors constructed at an Auburndale, Florida home.

Because of the rainy weather we experience in our part of the state, having a protected area to enjoy the outdoors is key. Sunrooms add to your home’s value while adding a specialized living space. Sunrooms are the perfect place to keep your plants and bask in the sun without actually having to go outside.

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Pool cages

Aluminum pool cage construction at a home in Auburndale, Florida.

Protecting your pool by creating an enclosed area adds a cool atmosphere (literally and figuratively) by offering some protection from the weather, including falling leaves that can clog filters. Cages can be built with shade screens and can also make your pool safer for small children by providing a barrier.

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Gutter installation

Gutter installation performed at an Auburndale, Florida home.

Heavy rains can cause damage to your building, particularly runoff that settles at the walls and roof. Aluminum gutters can control rainwater and move it away from the building, which will save you from expensive repairs down the road.

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Covered aluminum carport construction at a home near Auburndale, Florida.

Don’t have a garage? Protect your automobile investment by installing an aluminum carport, which can provide a barrier between your car and debris from trees.

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Are you ready to add an aluminum structure to your residential or commercial property?

We work just about every element of the building’s exterior, from pools to gutters, and sunrooms and carports. Businesses and homeowners across Auburndale and other areas of central Florida have taken advantage of our years of experience and expertise working with aluminum. Call us today at (863) 804-6021 to schedule a consultation and find an aluminum solution that meets your needs.

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