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Why Carports Are a Cost-Effective Way to Protect Cars, Boats, & More

Why Carports Are a Cost-Effective Way to Protect Cars, Boats, & More Thursday, September 19, 2019

Why Carports Are a Cost-Effective Way to Protect Cars, Boats, & More

Why Carports Are a Cost-Effective Way to Protect Cars, Boats, & More

Here in Florida, many homeowners own recreational vehicles like boats, ATVs, and golf carts in addition to their cars and trucks. Florida’s beautiful weather provides plenty of time for outdoor fun but also takes a heavy toll on your vehicles if left uncovered. Rain, hail, debris, strong winds, and the intense sun all contribute to the depreciation of your vehicles.

Adding an aluminum carport to your home is a great and cost-effective way to protect your vehicles from damage and decrease their depreciation value. Here is why carports are a cost-effective way to protect your cars, boats, and other recreational vehicles in Lakeland, Plant City, Wesley Chapel, and the surrounding areas.

Carports Protect Vehicles From Heat, Storm Damage & Debris

This aluminum carport in Plant City, FL protects the homeowner's vehicle.

For those of us who have lived in Florida for any length of time, we know all too well that the sun and heat can be quite intense in our area. Coupled with heavy rains and occasional hurricane winds, all this environmental stress can cause some serious damage to your vehicles. If left unprotected, your vehicle’s exterior and interior can suffer from fading, cracked and chipping paint, and car seats, weatherstripping, vinyl, and plastic molding all degrade and deteriorate in the intense direct sunlight and constant moisture.

Florida’s intense heat and the direct sun also take a toll on your vehicles’ engines. Car batteries tend to have much shorter lifespans when left out in the open sun. An aluminum carport provides shelter against direct sunlight, hail, heavy rain, and falling debris during a storm, and helps your vehicles last longer.

Aluminum Carports are Long-Lasting & Durable

In Florida, it’s important to construct carports out of materials that are long-lasting and capable of enduring brutal hurricanes, the hot Florida sun, and lots of rain. Aluminum is a very strong material and capable of withstanding sustained winds of 100 mph and greater. Because aluminum is durable yet lightweight, it makes it the perfect material to provide cost-effective protection for your vehicles. A professionally-constructed aluminum carport provides terrific savings without sacrificing quality and safety.

Our company constructs quality carports made of premium aluminum that is tested to withstand even the harshest weather.

Aluminum Is Less Expensive than Concrete & Other Materials

Concrete blocks, brick, and other construction materials are very costly. These materials can easily cost a homeowner thousands of dollars more than an aluminum structure. Aluminum is proven to be very strong and long-lasting while remaining affordable for all budgets. Because aluminum is so light and doesn’t require cutting of stone or pouring of concrete, it is significantly less expensive than other common construction materials. The labor associated with constructing an aluminum carport is also less than with other materials.

Protect your vehicles with our durable, cost-effective aluminum carports!

At True Aluminum, we are experts in aluminum construction. We build high-quality, durable carports made of industrial-grade aluminum that is guaranteed to last for many years and protect your vehicles and other valuables. Call us today at (863) 804-6021 for a quote and to get started with constructing a cost-effective aluminum carport for your home.

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