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What Are the Differences Between a Florida Sunroom, Lanai, & Pool Cage?

What Are the Differences Between a Florida Sunroom, Lanai, & Pool Cage? Thursday, May 21, 2020

What Are the Differences Between a Florida Sunroom, Lanai, & Pool Cage?

What Are the Differences Between a Florida Sunroom, Lanai, & Pool Cage?

In central Florida, property owners often opt to install various aluminum structures to protect themselves from the hot sun, rain, or pests coming into their outdoor living spaces. Some of those choices include lanais, pool cages, and sunrooms.

Learn the difference between these and which ones you should consider installing at your central Florida property in Plant City, Lakeland, Wesley Chapel, and nearby communities.

A sunroom is a fully-insulated room that adds square footage to your home.

Sunroom construction at a Plant City, FL home.

Deciding to add a sunroom to your home is a great idea. The room can be made with vinyl windows or glass windows depending on your preference and overall project budget. Sunrooms are fully-insulated and made to include electricity, which means the room itself adds square footage to your home. You can sit out there and look at the beautiful Florida scenery while enjoying the air conditioning inside your new sunroom.

Lanais are enclosed screen rooms with a roof.

Custom lanai installation at a Lakeland, FL property.

Screened-in patios, or lanais, are fully enclosed with aluminum framing and screens. They also have a roof that is also made from aluminum, and made to protect your patio area. The screens prevent pests such as mosquitoes, wasps, no-see-ums, and other insects from entering the patio and bothering you while you are sitting outside. Lanais do not have insulation, so they cannot be considered a full room like a sunroom can. Instead, the outside air passes through the area, allowing you to enjoy the outdoor environment.

Pool cages provide a screened-in area that covers your entire pool.

Custom pool cage construction near Lakeland, FL.

Many central Florida homes have a pool, which helps us to escape the heat of summer. Those pools are a big investment and should be protected by an aluminum pool cage. At True Aluminum, we can create a custom pool cage that covers your entire pool area as well as the surrounding patio. Pool cages stop leaves, branches, and other debris from falling into the pool and they also keep pests away, much like a lanai or screened-in patio.

Our pool cages are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds, which can be a concern in central Florida.

Which one should you install at your home?

First, cost should be a factor in making the decision on whether you should add a sunroom, lanai, or a pool cage. Sunrooms will be the most expensive since they require extra work with electricity and insulation. Screened-in lanais will be more economical than sunrooms, so make sure you take that into consideration. Pool cages will provide benefits year-round.

However, sunrooms will be able to be used more often than lanais. It is much more appealing to sit in air conditioning in the middle of August than to sit out in the humid air.

Do you want to add a sunroom, pool cage, or lanai at your central Florida property? Contact us for an estimate.

At True Aluminum, we have experienced aluminum contractors who can design and install many different types of custom aluminum structures. If you are thinking about adding a sunroom, lanai, or pool cage to your property in central Florida areas such as Plant City, Lakeland, Wesley Chapel, and nearby areas, contact us at (863) 804-6021 for an estimate.

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