Tips on Making Your Pool Cage or Lanai Structure Look Brand New Again | True Aluminum Blog
Tips on Making Your Pool Cage or Lanai Structure Look Brand New Again

Tips on Making Your Pool Cage or Lanai Structure Look Brand New Again Thursday, June 10, 2021

Tips on Making Your Pool Cage or Lanai Structure Look Brand New Again

Tips on Making Your Pool Cage or Lanai Structure Look Brand New Again

A lanai is a Hawaiian name for a covered porch that is often on the ground level of a home and features screens instead of glass windows. It’s a popular feature in many Florida homes but, like screened pool enclosures, the screens can develop unattractive discoloration over time. Knowing how to clean and maintain the screens will keep your property looking good as new.

True Aluminum is the leading aluminum construction company serving the Lakeland and Plant City, FL areas. Our team of 50+ aluminum and screening experts provides superior repair services for screen pool cages and lanais throughout central Florida.

Causes of Lanai & Pool Screen Discoloration in Florida

The roof of a pool cage in Plant City, FL.

Screens around pools and lanais let homeowners in Florida enjoy being outdoors without dealing with insects, wildlife, or debris. However, the screens can develop an unsightly green or black color from frequent exposure to moisture from the pool and Florida's humid climate.

Several culprits cause the discoloration of lanai and pool cage screens, including:

  • Algae: Algae is another group of organisms that prefers a damp and dark environment. It lives in soil and releases spores into the air, which eventually sticks to outdoor surfaces, like screens. If your screen enclosures have dark gray or black streaks, it’s likely black algae.

How to Clean Your Lanai & Pool Cage Screens Properly

Homeowners can follow several cleaning methods to restore their lanai and pool cage screens to their original color.

  • Soap and Water: The simplest and gentlest way to clean the enclosure is with soapy water and a soft-bristle brush. It’s a time-consuming process, but it’s highly effective and doesn’t damage the screen. Be sure to scrub both sides of the enclosure.
  • Power Washing: A quick way to remove buildups is with a pressure washer. Start on the lowest setting to prevent screen damage and blast away most of the algae. With power washing, you may need to spot-clean leftover traces of grime.

What to Do if Your Lanai or Pool Cage Screen Gets Damaged

Unfortunately, life happens and your lanai or pool cage screen can occasionally become damaged. An accidental tear from pets, children, weather, or other issues may be repairable. However, more extensive damage like a rip along the frame may require screen replacement to protect the structure’s integrity.

Other causes of damage that will need screen repairs or replacement include:

  • Prolonged sun exposure
  • Rips from debris
  • Chemical damage from pool water
  • Age-induced rot

Contact Our Experts Today for Screen Repairs in Central Florida

The True Aluminum team specializes in screen repair and re-screening services. We use quality materials and time-tested techniques to restore the function and attractiveness of lanais, pool cages, and screen rooms. No matter the issue at hand or its cause, we can quickly fix the problem and make sure the new screen matches the rest of the structure.

If you need screen repairs for your Central Florida lanai or a screened pool cage, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We provide our services to clients in Lakeland, Plant City, Wesley Chapel, and the surrounding areas of Central Florida. Call (863) 804-6021 today to receive a quote.

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