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Project Case Study: New Screen Room in Lakeland

Project Case Study: New Screen Room in Lakeland Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Project Case Study: New Screen Room in Lakeland

Project Case Study: New Screen Room in Lakeland

Adding a screen room to your home in central Florida has many benefits, including space to enjoy the outdoors and an extra living area. 

Our climate has many rainy days throughout the year—on average, about 115 days a year have rainy weather—so a screen porch gives homeowners a way to be protected from the rain but still sit outside if desired.

Recently, we had the opportunity to install a new screen room for a customer in Lakeland, FL. Check out some more photos and information about this project below.

New Aluminum Screen Room Increases Livable Space

This screen room in Lakeland increases the homeowners' living space.

The homeowners contacted us looking to add on a screen room where they could sit and relax on a nice day but wanted to make sure they still had sufficient room in their yard for entertainment. We sat down with them and planned out a porch that would allow for all of that to happen. 

This addition to their home gives them a new room and increases their living space on their property with a new spot for family members to curl up with a book or play a board game together.

It can additionally help to increase their home value should they wish to sell someday. Many Floridians look for homes that have screen rooms or lanais when they purchase a new home. 

Homeowners Can Sit Outside Without the Bother of Pests or Weather

A huge perk of this new screen room is that the homeowners can now sit outside without being bothered by common pests. In Florida, we have many annoying insects that will pester us when we go outside unless we use bug spray, light citronella candles, and more. 

Mosquitoes are some of the most aggravating pests and exposure to them comes with itchy, painful bites that can potentially swell and lead to other complications such as West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis. Other bugs such as "no-see-ums" can also bite and cause itching.

Outside time can also stay uninterrupted when a surprise Florida rain shower pops up. Instead of scrambling to run inside, everyone can stay where they are while listening to the sound of the rain hitting the roof.

Installing this screen room ensures that the homeowner and their family, friends, and guests will be safe from bugs or weather changes bothering them while they sit outside and eat, drink, and talk. 

Check out more photos of our recent project here!

Are you looking to add a screen room to your central Florida home?

At True Aluminum, we plan and construct aluminum screen rooms for homes all throughout central Florida, including the areas of Wesley Chapel, Lakeland, and Plant City. Screen rooms have many great benefits for central Florida residents, including increased living area, protection from pests, shield from weather, and more. 

We are experienced contractors with the skills needed to build any size screen room, pool cage, or lanai. Contact us today at (863) 804-6021 so we can consult with you about the type of screen room you would like to add to your home!

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