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How Long Do Pool Cages Last?

How Long Do Pool Cages Last? Thursday, April 21, 2022

How Long Do Pool Cages Last?

How Long Do Pool Cages Last?

A swimming pool is a great addition to your home, especially if you live in a region with a warm climate. However, homeowners dread leaving their pools open because of dirt, debris, and bugs that may land on the pool. You should consider installing a pool cage to keep your pool safe from animals, bugs, debris, and even children. With a pool cage, you don't have to worry about cleaning your pool every time you want to use it or constantly check if an animal or a child has fallen into the pool! 

Aluminum pool cage installation is designed to make your pool or patio area safer and more enjoyable. A common question among homeowners is how long the pool cage will last.

How Long Do Pool Cages Last?

A pool cage is designed to last a long time since most of them are made from materials such as aluminum. In most cases, pool cages last five to twenty years, depending on the material used and the level of maintenance. Below are a few signs your pool cage needs replacement.

How Long Do Pool Cages Last Lakeland, FL

Age of Pool Cage

As stated above, pool cages are designed to last for decades. However, since they are outdoor installations, they are susceptible to weather extremities. Prolonged exposure to the elements can weaken their performance. Regular maintenance can help prolong the life cycle of your cage. However, the best solution when your pool enclosure has seen better years is to replace it. Constant repairs may weaken its integrity beating its main purpose, which is to provide safety.?

Long-Term Plans For Your Home

How long you want to continue living in your home is vital when deciding on the fate of your pool enclosure. If you are thinking of staying for a short period, then repairing could be the best option; however, if this is your permanent residence, then you should consider a full pool cage replacement. Homeowners looking to sell in the near future can also carry out simple repairs on the pool cages to give them a facelift for sale. ?


Living in a humid region comes with the potential of algae growth in your pool cage. Algae is not unusual in pool enclosures due to constant exposure to water. However, they can be difficult to remove once they take hold, regardless of the cleaning solutions you use. The presence of algae around your pool can be irritating and pose a health risk. Replacing the affected areas may seem like the best choice of action but is only a temporary solution. This is mainly because algae spores are pervasive and difficult to remove, especially if they get inside your pool.

It's advisable to replace the entire pool cage once you notice an increase in algae presence. Once you replace the enclosure, it's best to avoid algae presence by using recommended cleaners regularly.


Extensive Damage

As mentioned before, pool cages are susceptible to elements, meaning they are likely to get damaged in the course of their life cycle. Minor damages can easily be fixed, especially if limited to a small section. However, damage from weather extremities such as strong winds may need thorough repair work. In most cases, you may need to replace the entire pool cage to avoid future repairs.?


Changing Needs For Your Family

When the home is new, and your family is young, a simple pool cage may serve you perfectly. However, as your family grows or if you adopt a pet, you may have to rethink your pool enclosure. Pets and children are likely to damage your basic pet enclosure, forcing you to spend more on repairs. However, shifting to a stronger and more durable cage can save you the extra cost and ensure pool safety.

Regardless of the reasons for replacing your pool cage, the life span of the enclosure narrows down to the type of materials the cage is made of and the maintenance you put in. If your cage is made using thin and less durable materials. It is likely to get damaged after five years or less. However, going for strong- corrosion-resistant materials such as aluminum guarantees you up to 25 years of service. Be sure to research the best materials for your pool cage based on your location. You should also put in effort in terms of maintenance to ensure your high-quality pool cage remains sturdy and healthy.

From structure to screen type, lanai screens & pool cages can be customizable to fit your homes needs. With many benefits and options to choose from,  True Aluminum can make help take your patio to the next level. Call us today at (863) 804-6021 to schedule a consultation or get an estimate!

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