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After The Storm - We Will Repair the Damaged Caused to Your Home.

After The Storm - We Will Repair the Damaged Caused to Your Home. Monday, May 17, 2021

After The Storm - We Will Repair the Damaged Caused to Your Home.

After The Storm - We Will Repair the Damaged Caused to Your Home.

Hurricanes, tornados, hail, and other weather events often leave a trail of destruction and property damage in their wake across Central Florida. Broken rain gutters, damaged roofs, and bent carports remain commonplace after a recent storm.

Fortunately, you can avail yourself of the best aluminum repairs in Lakeland, Plant City, Wesley Chapel, and surrounding Florida areas by calling our team at True Aluminum to restore your home to its original condition!

Types of Aluminum Products We Install and Repair

The tropical climate in Florida brings us frequent thunderstorms and hurricanes between June and November. These storms can touch down at any moment, and the resulting damage remains a critical concern for homeowners. If your home suffers damage to its aluminum structures, be sure to call on our team of experts to execute flawless aluminum repairs!

Rain Gutters

Installing new rain gutters at a home in Auburndale, FL.

Florida's tropical climate brings heavy downpours and accumulated rainwater in rain gutters, which can lead to breakage and rust. At True Aluminum, we repair both traditional and seamless rain gutters to restore function to your drainage system. If the damage appears too extensive for a repair, we can also provide a replacement.


Aluminum carport installed at a home in Brandon, Florida.

Falling trees, storm winds, and heavy hail can cause significant damage to your home’s aluminum structures, including carports. If minor damage occurs, we can fix your carport. However, if your carport experiences a catastrophic failure, we’ll install a high-quality, aluminum-framed carport with a design that can withstand winds of 100+ mph.

To prevent further problems down the road, protect your vehicle and other valuables by scheduling an aluminum carport repair or replacement as soon as you notice the damage.

Screened Lanais

Screened lanais increase your living space, keep your home free of mosquitoes, and provide shade to keep your family cool during the oppressive Florida summer heat. Should your screens experience punctures, we can repair them. If your lanais door gets destroyed by flying debris, we can replace it.

Our company utilizes strong, lightweight aluminum framing components that require little maintenance and fit door frames of all sizes.

Pool Cages

Aluminum pool cage construction at a home in Wesley Chapel, Florida.

Pool cages keep away unwanted wildlife—alligators, snakes, and other reptiles—that might seek a cool dip in your home's swimming pool. They also prevent unwanted debris, like fallen leaves, from entering your pool, reducing cleaning times. Most importantly, they protect children who might wander into the pool unsupervised.

Should your pool cage in Lakeland, FL, or surrounding areas experience structural damage during a storm, our team can replace the destroyed section of the pool cage frame and perform any necessary aluminum repairs.


Sunrooms represent the perfect solution for Floridians who want greater protection from the elements and desire extra space in their homes. Our team of experts repairs all aluminum-framed sunrooms in response to collision damage. If you notice dents, dings, bends, or breaks in the frame of your sunroom, please call us to repair it immediately to avoid rust and corrosion.

Your sunroom works hard to protect you, so you should protect it when it needs you most.

Additional Services

For more severe types of storm damage, customers should consider calling one of our sister companies. If your roof has sprung a leak, our colleagues at True Roofers will make an emergency visit to apply a tarp. If your home encountered flooding or water damage, the team at True Builders would work with your insurance company to set things right again.

Call Us for Aluminum Repairs in Central Florida Today! We serve Lakeland, Plant City, Wesley Chapel, FL and surrounding areas.

Worried about your home falling to pieces after a storm? Got space at home you want to develop? Call our friendly staff at True Aluminum by dialing (863) 804-6021 to schedule aluminum repairs and installation in Lakeland, Plant City, Wesley Chapel, FL, and other nearby areas.

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