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5 Benefits of a Screened in Patio

5 Benefits of a Screened in Patio Tuesday, March 22, 2022

5 Benefits of a Screened in Patio

5 Benefits of a Screened in Patio

Although it feels like summer year round in Florida, a screened in patio could have you enjoying the outdoors all year versus just the cooler months. The screened in area can be the perfect combination of indoor/outdoor enjoyment with many benefits. 

5 Benefits of a Screened in Patio

Paver patio under lanai beside lake in Wesley Chapel, FL.

Property Value

Adding an additional area to your home will not only increase your homes value, it also adds to your homes curb appeal. Especially in areas with beautiful views, home buyers almost expect lanai enclosures to be present in outdoor spaces. It can feel like an extension of any room giving a cohesive design and functional space for your home.



An enclosed safe space that can keep little ones and pets inside,  without the hazards of being outside (safe from toxins, traffic, insects and other animals depending where you live)


Level of Clean

With an open area the work to clean debris can seem like a lot. Fallen leaves, acorns, built up dirt, and pollen, not only on your patio area but furniture! A screened area will still need to be cleaned but the screens will block most of the mentioned debris.


Year-round Use

Extend your living space that can be used throughout the year. Even in the cooler months a screened in area can be regulated in various ways so you can keep using your space comfortably. The biggest advantage of a screened in patio is being able to enjoy being outside without being pestered by love bugs, mosquitos and flies. The fresh air can be enjoyed without having to work at keeping pests away.


Additional Upgrades

Take your screened in patio to the next level with additional upgrades such as lighting, speakers and fans. Setting a new ambiance and place of zen or entertainment for friends and family. Even more options are available to transform your space such as hot tubs, heaters, fireplaces, plants and outdoor kitchens. 

Your patio is the heart of your outdoor living space, not only as the place where you can enjoy the weather, but also as your space for entertaining throughout the summer. 

From structure to screen type, lanai screens can be customizable to fit your homes needs. With many benefits and options to choose from,  True Aluminum can make help take your patio to the next level. Call us today at (863) 804-6021 to schedule a consultation or get an estimate!

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