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Why do Floridians screen in their pools?

Why do Floridians screen in their pools? Monday, January 02, 2023

Why do Floridians screen in their pools?

Why do Floridians screen in their pools?

Many Florida homeowners put a pool in their backyards and then purchased a screen to cover the pool. Pool screen enclosures can be a great way to make your pool safer, more appealing, and more modern. Homeowners in Florida are especially attracted to the solar shade by an enclosure, as they can be a great way to help with the heat. While this is a great way to keep your pool cooler and more comfortable, it is also a great way to help protect the swimmers around the pool. These contemporary enclosures can have many benefits for your family and the rest of your guests. Here we will explain why Floridians use pool enclosures.

Florida is well-known for its hot, humid weather. A screened pool enclosure can help you enjoy your pool more during the summer months by keeping out bugs and debris while allowing the fresh air to circulate. This blog post will discuss 10 advantages of having an aluminum pool cage in Florida

1. Protection From Harmful Sunlight:

When you put a screen around your pool, it is going to reduce the amount of sunlight that gets into the water. Since the pool is covered, it means the swimming pool can stay cool for extended periods, and the swimmers are not exposed to direct sunlight all day long. The harmful UV rays from the sun are not penetrating the water like they would if there was no screen which is a significant benefit to the homeowner in Florida.

2. Provide Better Security:

A pool screen is an excellent way to ensure security from any pest or nuisance. You can keep animals out of the pool without worrying about jumping in. Also, when a homeowner is not at home, it gives them an extra level of security from intruders. A pool screen can also be a great way to keep your pool cleaner than if there were no screen, as the bugs and debris that might have slipped through the body of water are now kept out.ol cage will also keep leaves and other debris from getting into your pool, so you won't have to spend as much time cleaning the pool.

3. Screen Enclosures are Designed To Survive High Winds:

Florida homeowners love the look of a pool screen, and it is a bonus that they are designed to survive the outdoors and withstand Florida weather conditions. Due to this, they are an excellent choice for the outdoor swimming pool, especially from the high winds that are seen frequently in the state. The screen enclosures can take the high winds and keep your pool safe.

4. Inhibits The Growth of Algae:

A pool screen enclosure will help to minimize algae growth in your pool. This is a great benefit to the pool owner as they are much easier to keep clean due to the screen and usually not as unpleasant as an algae-filled pool. You can even use the screen to help keep your pool cleaner and make it easier to manage.

5. Can Help with the Temperature of Your Pool:

In Florida, the water temperature in a swimming pool can fluctuate a lot throughout the day, which is why it is good to have a pool screen in place. A pool enclosure can act as a ventilation system, and with the wind, you can keep the water temperature down while still enjoying your pool. You will find that it stays cooler longer, thus saving you money on electric bills.


6. Extension of Your Home's Spa:

AYou can extend your home's spa and pool by having an enclosure made to match the décor. This is a great way to make the swimming pool feel like part of your home rather than a separate entity. Since the screen is made from durable materials, it can also be designed with unique water-resistant materials.


A pool screen is a great luxury to have in your backyard. It offers plenty of benefits and adds appeal to your home's backyard area. They are also suitable for many different styles and themes, meaning that there is one available that will match the décor of your property. If you are a Florida resident and have a pool, it might be a good idea for you to invest in one of these screens.


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