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Will an Aluminum Pergola Blend Well With My Florida Landscape?

Will an Aluminum Pergola Blend Well With My Florida Landscape? Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Will an Aluminum Pergola Blend Well With My Florida Landscape?

Will an Aluminum Pergola Blend Well With My Florida Landscape?

Pergolas are wall-less outdoor structures that provide shade using vertical and horizontal beams. Traditional pergolas are typically wooden, but aluminum is a popular option for creating a modern landscape feature. The design possibilities, uses, and enhancements of aluminum pergolas make them superior to their wooden counterparts.

Our company, True Aluminum, is the top aluminum construction company serving central Florida residents. Our aluminum pergolas are highly versatile features you can add to nearly any landscape. Below, we provide an introduction to pergolas so you can decide whether an aluminum pergola from True Aluminum might be just what your property needs!

Pergolas offer shade from our hot Florida sun and many homeowners grow vining plants creating an inviting outdoor space.

A pergola is an outdoor structure without walls that protect people, landscapes, and furniture from excess sunlight. It uses vertical pillars to hold a roof-like structure with cross beams to reduce the amount of sunlight that shines on the area below.

Pergolas are not new inventions, but homeowners have found new everyday uses for them. Traditionally, pergolas would cover a walkway or garden to grow shade-loving plants. Today, property owners install pergolas on decks or patios to cover seating areas and add to their landscape’s visual appeal.

Aluminum vs. Wood for Pergolas: Which Is Better?

Many modern pergolas are either wood or aluminum. The most significant advantage of a wood pergola is that it’s natural, allowing it to blend into any landscape design. It works well for rustic designs and provides a sturdy framework to withstand strong winds.

Despite the benefits of a wood pergola, the aluminum variety often exceeds expectations. Aluminum is naturally lightweight, ;but it can be just as strong as steel. Like wood, aluminum can stand up to extreme weather conditions, but it won’t rot because it isn’t organic.

Aluminum does have a higher upfront cost in comparison to wood, but it pays for itself over time. Unlike wood pergolas, aluminum ones don’t require much maintenance, so they make a better long-term investment.

Other benefits of installing an aluminum pergola on your property are:

  • Improved safety from advanced engineering
  • Quick installation
  • Customization
  • Visual Appeal

Ways to Modernize Aluminum Pergolas

Installing aluminum pergolas allows property owners to modernize their landscapes and create a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. The design you select plays a significant role in creating the visual you want for your landscape.

Here are some features to incorporate into your aluminum pergola design to create a modern feel:

  • Clean Lines: Pergolas consisting of simple, straight beams with no decorative edges create a simple, minimalistic design that complements many landscape designs.
  • Rectangular Shapes: Traditionally, pergolas are square. You can update this outdoor feature by elongating the aluminum pergola into a rectangle.
  • Muted Colors: Wood pergolas come in various stain colors, but they tend to lean toward warmer, bold colors like browns, reds, and tans. The colors help the structure blend into the outdoor environment. However, muted colors with low saturation help aluminum pergolas stand out from the landscape. Look at some color charts and choose from among soft blues, yellows, or creamy colors.

Aluminum Pergola Shapes, Sizes, and Enhancements

Aluminum pergolas are fully customizable. Installations are not limited to stationary square structures. They can be L-shaped, rectangular, or hexagonal, depending on the size of your landscape and your design preferences.

The size of your aluminum pergola can also vary. Choose a small structure to shade a cocktail table or bench in the middle of a garden, or install a large pergola to create a complete outdoor living area.

The size you select will depend on the pergola’s purpose. If the size is too small, you may have difficulty arranging furniture underneath, but oversized pergolas can dwarf your outside space. When installing your aluminum pergola, you have the option of adding curtains, shades, and screens to provide more shade and privacy, as well as electrical outlets. Other enhancements might include:

  • Entertainment system with a television and speakers for music
  • Ceiling fans and heaters
  • Lighting

Call Us Today to Receive a Quote for Your Desired Aluminum Pergola

True Aluminum is the leading aluminum construction company serving Lakeland, Plant City, Wesley Chapel, and nearby areas in Central Florida. We have an excellent reputation for building carports, pergolas, sunrooms, and more. Call our team at (863) 804-6021 to request a quote today!

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